Air Ambulance

WestWind 1124A, Orca Airways, Vancouver Medivac

When you choose Orca, you choose the very best the industry has to offer. We combine all three major components of Air Medical Transport Medicine under one roof, which means we can offer our clients the very Best Care and Seamless service, at the most Competitive Price!

We employ the most current, qualified, and experienced critical care / emergency teams in the industry, utilizing the most cutting edge and modern medical equipment on the market! This translates to our clients as the Best Care possible.

We staff a 24/7 logistical support team of communication specialists, case managers, and flight coordinators that work diligently with sending and receiving medical facilities, ground ambulance providers, insurance companies, patients and families. This translates to our clients as dependable, timely, and Seamless medical care coordination.

We own, operate, and manage a fleet of the most efficient and sophisticated aeromedical aircraft available; employing a team of dedicated and experienced pilots, standing by and available for each new mission. This translates to our clients as prompt flight service at the most affordable and Competitive Price.

At Orca, we offer you the very best air medical transport solution, so choose Orca…. to bring you home!

To obtain a competitive price quotation or receive more information about our air ambulance services, contact us within North America at 1.888.359.6722 or overseas by dialing +1-587-899-6737